Xmilk “Scarcity”


Scarcity of Xmilk is perhaps one of the most iconic record in Spain, BCore Spanish label) at one stage it was compared to Dischord,

Hardcore just landed in Spain (Jordi Bcore was responsible of that somehow),  it expanded itself through Spain like a plague, first in Barcelona and Madrid and finally this sound was spread to the rest of the country.

Barcelona was the epicentre that radiated to the rest of the country, Madrid felt some envy (different scenes and rivals in a friendly way), a solid scene with a label that you knew that anything released by it was synonymous about quality.

I have to say that I started to pay attention to Xmilk because of a Bcore compilation, but when a few years ago Vinyl Love Records and  La agonía de vivir (Alfon), re-edited a short vinyl run edition I ran to get mine (100 in white and 200 in black, now I am regretting the fact that I bought it in white because it looks like have shorter life).

Xmilk Scarcity


It’s a record that you have to look at it with perspective. 1997 there was no Youtube, nor Facebook, there was something called Napster (check Wikipedia) and the fanzines were edited on paper with staples.

At that time we recorded demos (not like now that everyone release EP’s and 7 “) , they were not cheap at all, the tube amps were not easy to get (they were very expensive). Also the lack of resources allow the creativity to take over everything. If someone would tell you this record was done by a band from the far west, you did not doubt it (and now neither), one of the best albums of those days and it becomes a classic album of Spanish hardcore.

A four pieces band (guitar, bass, drums and voice), without boasting of virtue but of great effectiveness, pulling attitude and going to the point without superficialities, there are people who find in them certain metal influences, I only find a clear influence of old-school in my humble opinion.

Fast record, with songs that barely reach more than two minutes and a half; If the song does not need it, what is the point to do it longer? The only con I can find is “The element of separation”, I don’t like the bright bass sound in this song at the very end; it happens to me with any record, I hate bright sound in the bass lines, so we could say it’s not a very reliable con.

Dry sound, all the instruments at the same level (all instruments have the level that is needed) give the sensation of closeness, the bass and the drums can be appreciated without any problem. In this genre, the bass has a great weight and it was respected. Unfortunately, time after loudness war came and from then all dynamics and all the small details were gone.

New Direction of Gorilla Biscuits and Rather be dead of the Refused, as a bonus track is a statement of intentions defended both very well.

Definitely disc of a band, Xmilk, of short life, with different members, that I believe that without any intention they became a reference band.

A few years ago they reunite because of the Bcore’s 15th anniversary, where they took the opportunity to re-edited all its records. I think since they have resumed their activity but with a fairly slow pace.

Below you have few links where you can find more about Xmilk and get some stuff.