Pennywise “Never Gonna Die”

Pennywise "Never Gonna Die"

Never Gonna Die, the new album from Pennywise, is the first full album of new songs with Jim, Fletcher, Byron, and Randy in over a decade.

First of all, there are just two bands that are always in my mind, Descendents and Pennywise, around there are a lot of bands with great records but just these bands make feeel nervous when they release something new.

Four years since “Yesterdays” has been long enough, and if we think that those songs were unrecorded compositions, “All or Nothing” was released on 2012 with Zolti, It means that since 2008 nothing new has been released with Jim. Zolti is a great singer but we link Pennywise to the same five members.

Fast beats and driving guitars as they use to do and I love, it’s easy to idenfied in five seconds a Pennywise song, same things, nothing new, but if something is good and honest why we should change it.

Songs are between the very personal to the political or social matters, they don’t have any problem to say what they think, lyrics are great, “She Said” is my favourite. 


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Get the record you won’t be dissapointed at all, It’s a Pennywise’s album nothing less and nothing more. This record brings me to the “About Time” era.

By the way, there are fourteen songs (some of them longer than three minutes!!!) and it has been released with Epitaph, it makes me happy, I think they never should separate their paths (sometimes Epitaph release “strange” bands).

As long they keep their live show (check bay fest) as much fun and as good at is, and putting out recors as this one, I think, no reason they can’t go for another 20 years, Pennywise began in 1998!!!!.

In this driving days we need punk rock now more than ever, we need honest bands such Pennywise.