Exquirla – Dcode 2017

Exquirla Dcode

Madrid, Saturday, September 9, 2017.

While many people were complaining about the schedule for 2017 Dcode festival when it was announced, I was happy as Larry, Exquirla was going to play at the same time than Franz Ferdinand, It will let me enjoy the concert just with people interested in the band, away from most of the people that usually attend this type of festivals. While Paul Banks make silly things at the end of the concert for the 15th anniversary of his first release with Interpol, I ran around like a headless chicken through the crowd to take positions on stage #3, centred, three meters away from the stage, just above the cables that go from the stage to the PA console. The band show up, I look at the cell phone, “Where the hell is my friend?” He is late, as usual. Javi finally came with some friends, introduces me to them, and suddenly … the world stops

Exquirla Dcode

I can listen the first chords of Cancion de E. Niño de Elche , alter ego of Francisco Contreras, begins to recite the verses of the Valencian Enrique Falcón. He is like a shaman. Book in one hand, with the other, performs hypnotic gestures that bring us to a deep trance. I forget the queues, my friends, the cell phone, the hunger, the thirst … I forget everything. My five senses are focused on what I am seeing and hearing, almost touching. Francisco’s voice seems rocked in the sound waves produced by the post-rock of Toundra.

Calm before the storm, dense atmospheres interrupted by guitar sounds that punch your stomach. Everything is perfect, almost intimate … but the joy is short.

The sounds that come from the main stage take me out of the trance and bring me back to reality. Shit, I’m looking at my cell phone, I’m going to meet outside, I say goodbye and walk away. My pals are waiting for me, we greet each other, we briefly talk about we have seen and listen, I order my last drink, and then I can listen through the PA Take Me Out … Everything is over.

The concert is over and I learn something: there are some bands that are not done for festivals. I count the days to attend to Exquirla gig but in a proper venue.