Descendents “Hypercaffium Spazzinate”



To talk about Descendents, means to talk about a mythical band, they have influenced a massive number of bands, with one of the most powerful rhythmic bases of the genre (bill and Karl)

Hypercaffium Spazzinate is the seventh studio album of these “guys”. They come from the same town than Pennywise (Hermosa Beach), so close and so far somehow. The fact of having in his ranks with Bill Stevenson generates more expectation if possible.

Personally, I think ALL’s songs are much better than Descendents’, but Milo has made Descendents go further. Recall, 75% of ALL are 75% of Descendents, Karl, Bill and Stephen are the links between both bands.

I received this album the same day than Victory Lap (Propagandhi), it was not easy to decide which one to spin the first.

The first thing that caught my attention was the number of songs that there were, no less than 16 cuts on one disc, I thought to myself, “How many Coffee Mug-style songs will I find?”, thank god I found some (I love, those accelerated and short songs) but not many. Two minutes songs in a Descendents’ way. Lovely and catchy melodies, powerful rhythmic base and the voice of Milo make this album so easy to listen.

Because the songs are not long it doesn’t mean they are played fast, each song has its particular tempo (sometimes fast and sometimes chill). Bill Stevenson is a metronome; he is followed by all of them. Everything performed by Bill as drummer or engineer/producer is amazing (I’m still looking for something not good enough in his career).

Don’t expect to find a huge difference from what Descendents released previously. They hit the nail on their very first record, and since then they have not changed. A well-done production. Easy and catchy songs but if you pay attention you could find incredible bass lines that I would love to be able to create something like that. Songs that make the KISS attitude (keep it simple stupid!!) a way of being to the limit.

The first time you listen to the record the simplicity can be noticeable, but it’s a big mistake, once you start paying attention to every song you will realize there is no any three-chord song, different rhythms, tempos, sharp guitars with melodies, they go a step further than many other bands but keeping things easy.

Weezer, Blink 182 and many more bands have taken the fame but if a name will last is Descendents. All these virtues that I mentioned about Descendents are applicable to All.

Spineless and Scarlet Red is the most “complicated or elaborated” song, that’s why It’s not my favourite (please do not misunderstand what I say, it’s really good but not my favourite), I’m only forty years old.
When I listen Unchanged, the wonderful and epic song Thank You (Everything sux) comes to my mind. Thank you should be played by any band for what it means. Their first album was released in ’82 and although they do not release albums very often, there is not a single average song in all his discography, all of them are great songs.

Singing about coffee, riding a bicycle, burgers may sound stupid but that’s what any other band would sound like, Descendents sounds epic. It’s a must-have record.