Blowfuse “Daily Ritual”


We are lucky enough that we can listen to the new Blowfuse’s album before it will be released next February, meanwhile, you can enjoy the video for the second track “Bad Thoughts”. Always I have considered Blowfuse as the most worthy heirs of the mythical RKL.

After “Into the Spiral” and “Couch” they have need few years to release a new album. For people like me who are not lucky enough to enjoy their live performances, it is a long time.

If you don’t know Blowfuse, they are four exceptional musicians based in Barcelona, but that due to life circumstances they are influenced by skate punk.

I remember when Blowfuse supported Pennywise in Bilbao, they were called Godfarts at that time, I was amazed. If you listen any of the previous records, you will be out of your mind with those crazy and chaotic rhythm from the first chord.

With this new album, you can notice a maturity, mid-tempos and lot of attention to the small details. They have been rocking for more than ten years, it means that they know quite well what and how they wanted to do. I  listened the record through good quality speakers, and the production is incredible, everything in place, nothing overlapped, keeping everything natural and lacked stupid effects. Everything that you can listen will be listening in a gig, for real.

This record can be enjoyed by everybody,  It will reach a lot of people. I miss those speedy rhythms that hook me up when I listened Blowfuse the very first time.

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You will find eleven songs recorded with love and detailed oriented. I recommend to get the vinyl, they pay a lot of attention to everything they do. Look at the music videos and you will appreciate the interest that they put into the details and the music.

A band that recorded something that I didn’t expect, I expected something closer to the previous records, which is very good, but I have found eleven catchy songs.

We want to thank HFM and Marc Anguela for letting us listen to this exceptional work in advance, we would love to tell you more things, but, It’s better you go to the next Blowfuse’s gig. As you can not mention many things, I’ll just say that my favourite song is fourth and it’s not the one in the video.