Berri Txarrak “Infrasoinuak”

What a great news, Berri Txarrak just released a new record. It’s the ninth of his long and successful career. ‘Infrasoinuak’: ten tracks, they bring us the different and recognizable touch of how it has been their trajectory so far. They´re editing on their own label for a long time, ‘Only the dreams’. It gives the chance to release whatever they feel like with no problem. They have worked again with Bill Stevenson as a producer, who already worked with them in ‘Xake-Mate Kultural Bat’, just the last record of this acclaimed triple record ‘Denbora Da Poligrafo Bakarra’, each record was produced with a different producer. Bill, for those who do not know him, is the great drummer of the Descendents, All and Black Flag, and in his record studio, bands as Nofx or Rise Against have recorded great songs.

The first thing you will notice the first time you spin it, it’s the vast of styles that you can identify in each track, The flow from one style to the other is soft and smooth, it looks like there is no style where this band is not confortable with. Call me silly, but IMHO, they are more and more like the Iberians Foo Fighters. It does not matter what they do because they always hit the nail on the head.

Time flies when you are listening for thirty minutes ‘Infrasoinuak’. Berri Txarrak a power trio that handles in a wise way different sounds and styles between hardcore, punk and rock in a wide way.

You will find heavy stoner riffs in ‘Dardararen Bat’, the sharpest and fastest punk of ‘Hozkia’, and in between, you will find a catchy pop-rock in ‘Spoiler!’ but……wait… you can listen to something like Weezer’s style in ‘Beude’.

It looks complicated, and it is. To creating harmonious melodies with a language as harsh to listen as it is Basque is a difficult duty, but, as Berri Txarrak always has done, the vocal lines are great and are always as good as the occasional chorus. What it screws you up a lot, it is to not know euskera to scram the lyrics pretty loud. On their website, you can read every song in different languages. I have taken a translated phrase from the website (lyrics are just translated in Spanish…for now?), from the theme ‘Sed Lex’: “language is important especially when there is something to say “, BIG TIME!!!

If I had to choose any song, I would highlight ‘Hozkia’, ‘Zuri’, ‘Zaldi Zauritua’ and ‘Sed Lex’. They are the most speedy and they turn me on, the speed with control, good choruses and riffs full of epic.

Thus, Berri Txarrak, who maintains their unpolluted grandeur after this new album, carry on their hard journey to the top of the national music. They get this status with hard-working in every record, and amazing live performances with plenty of energy and honest attitude. A huge ¡ZORIONAK !! to Gorka and Co.