Bay Fest 2017

Bay Fest

We are back from holidays, We have been few days in Bellaria Igea Marina next to Rimini. We are going to talk a little bit about Bay Fest, it´s a fest that we didn’t know about it until this year.

As We were last year in Groetzrock, We were searching for another fest, we didn’t want to go to the same one again, so Bayfest pops up in our search. It’s next to the beach, so we could go a morning time to the beach with our families and evenings attend the concerts. You could think that the lineup is short for a fest, but we think bands are quite good with a real background so expected good gigs.

One stage, first local bands and after international bands, just one exception, Pears, they played before than Raw Power. It happened the first day.

Premises were ok excepts toilets but I think that is a common issue in any festival. We were very close from the beach so I guess that the PA owners were not happy every time a circle pit was running. Most of the people were locals but I could see few French, Germans, but mostly Spaniards, not like in Groetzrock that lot of people use to go from around Europe.We have just come from holidays, We have been few days in Bellaria Igea Marina next to Rimini. We are going to talk a little bit about Bay Fest, it´s a fest that we didn’t know about it until this year.

Bay Fest

Day 1

Pears: As it happened one year ago at the Groetzrock, I didn´t see them, I was outside doing silly things, We were talking about anything and we didn’t realise they were playing, maybe next time.

Raw Power: We carried on talking about nothing and looking over all the march in the different stands. As far as someone told us it looks like they are pretty famous in Italy. I cannot say anything more (I´m sorry).

Undeclinable Ambuscade: I was willing to see these dutch guys, I didn’t know anything about for the last ten years or more (they stopped in 2009 and now they are back on track), and I really like them, It reminds me Millencolin with the famous Fox. When they started playing “7 years” lot of memory came, Fanzines with staples, all the old bands, when HC/punk was not mainstream, etc,. I miss better playlist in the sense that they went from one kind of song to another one, but even tho I really enjoyed and I have the feeling they will play more often since now.

Less Than Jake: What can I say about this band, I love its performing, its attitude, its execution, everything is memorable they love what they do and you can feel it in every concert. They know how to deal with the public, it was not easy for them since the day the Sunday concerts were announced after tickets for the other days were put out on sale, and no many people attended to this day. The funny moment was when they were throwing piadinas to the public, I think it was because they are disgusting and overrated, it’s like a pizza without topping. As a con I would say that Roger always has the bass with that bight tone that I do not like, I would prefer something boomier, but I’m writing this and he plays for LTJ, so I guess he knows better than me what to do.

Day 2

Shandon: Ska band with three of them “blowing” and singing the chorus, they were very solid and I cannot find any con. They try everything possible to cheer up the audience. At some stage Mighty Mighty Bosstones came to my mind, I think is enough to explain how good they are, and any other comment will be useless.

Good Riddance: I did not see them since they played in the Deconstruction Tour in Madrid in 2000 ( a long time ago), now seventeen years after things are different, I am not part of the pit anymore. They played all their classic songs, I just missed “Mother Superior” or at least I cannot recall it. As it was a way to be from all bands they were very professionals, with an immaculate execution. Ross tried to encourage the public, which seemed to be relaxing for what it was going to come. Seventeen years later and they have the same energy than a teenager.

Pennywise: I cannot be objective at all, Pennywise is my favourite from far, and unfortunately, I have not attended too many gigs of them. It seems that after Jim’s return, they are coming to Europe more often. They have a lot of songs so always we will miss few that. We listened to the most iconic songs and the classic versions of Beastie Boys and Ramones. They are a wall of sound but, unfortunately, the bass was so loud that sound was a little bit fuzzy, it’s not just because of the bass is because Fletcher uses to have mid and lows a little bit higher than high frequencies, it was the only band that faced this problem. They ended with Bro Hymn, as usual, concert. In overall I really nice concert, I really enjoyed even with the fuzzy sound.

Bad Religion: For most of the audience, they were the most important band in the line-up, expectations were achieved, thirty years rocking shows they know how this works. A perfect execution, very professionals. Every time I am more convinced that Jay is key to perform a live show for, he is running and cheering up to the audience, on the other side the guitars that were quite static, but everybody knows what to do, and they do everything perfectly. As it happened with Pennywise they have so many songs that always you will miss some. I loved Sorrow and 21st century. The sound was very good. Everyone came out happy. The audience in this day was much better than the previous one but far to be sold out.

Day 3

Ignite: My first time, I had the chance in the resurrection Fest a few years ago but I skipped them. Nothing special, but it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy, I think I’m so used to different bands that is not easy to impress me in these driving days if they haven’t done it in the past. After few songs few people from Sea Shepherd were invited to speak up, It was nice but unfortunately, it was too long so many people stopped to pay attention and people were getting cold. The concert was good in general, I enjoyed it and it was good in overall.

Anti-Flag: Probaly the winners of the Bayfest if we ask to the audience, marcaron un ritmo endiablado desde el primer momento,  jaleando al público y animándoles en todo el momento, estos comieron de su mano.  Chris estuvo soberbio y borracho de actitud, creo que puedo decir que he visto muy pocos conciertos con esa energía. Altamente comprometidos con todo lo que cantan, no había una sola canción de relleno, todas tenían un por que. Finalizaron el concierto de forma épica, bajaron la batería a donde estaba el publico y desde hay cantarla con todos los asistentes. Dejaron un marrón para los siguientes en actuar. Como curiosidad los únicos que no eran de California junto con Rise Against.

Face To Face: It was not easy to play after Anti-Flag’ show, anything would be enough. No banner at all (it brought to my mind NoFX), they were just focused on what they know what to do, play punk rock, nothing more, nothing less.  This edition of Bayfest will be recalled for the bassists, Scott and all the rest mentioned were the heart of the concerts with their attitude and skills, with bassists like them any band can relay, everything will be fine. Step by step, song by song, audience were engaged with Face to Face, a lot of people were frozen after Anti-Flag and waiting for Rise Against. Trever went to the limit, it was the last show of Face to Face’s tour, sometimes voice was almost in tune, but who cares!!! it was just one or twice, attitude with people was great. Every time they play they perform a great show, it’s a win-win for any festival.  The best song: “Trying” (as always).

Rise Against: Bayfest’s farewell. I was willing to see them in a concert, all records are great. All bands until that stage performed great shows so We were guessing it could be epic. They were the only band with tv and all this stuff, they started twenty minutes late (not good), they were the only ones that didn’t respect the schedule and people were starting getting anxious. Light off and some images are showed n the screens (maybe I’m getting older but this kind of stuff doesn’t amaze me ), the concert start. The volume it was too loud, I’m sorry for Tim McIlrath but I had the feeling he was not able to reach the tones, and when he was playing the guitar it was even worse. Sound bad, execution even worse, it was a big bluff for me. After forty minutes We were heading the Bayfest’s exit, we were not the only ones, there was no point to stay in a gig that you are not enjoying. It was a big pity that such a nice festival ended in that way.

We really enjoyed the fest, a small town not crowded at all and very familiar where it was very easy to find a spot on the beach close to the sea. Five minutes walking from the hotel to the fest is priceless.

Bayfest is a fest we need to have an eye on this fest, we´ll see if they develop it with more bands, but I like how it is. It easy to hit the bullseye with bands like this year (We leave Rise against out of this, we hope it was just one accident from his side).