Bad Brains “Bad Brains”

Bad Brains "Bad Brains"

Bad Brains

“The Best Punk/Hardcore Album of All Time” – Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys)

This is the very first album Bad Brains released and probably the best known. It’s not a surprise they are originally from Washington D.C., I say that because many of the most interesting records on the 80s came out from Washington D.C., where a hardcore scene was raising, these Rastafaris appeared to give another twist.

Hardcore and Reggae; now in these driving days nothing seems special or different, miscegenation and hodgepodge are common, but it was not like this thirty years ago.

We could talk for long about this interesting band, with a lot of things to mention about its music and other, like its particular style. But, I will just talk about its first album published in time (not the first one recorded, the very first one was recorded a couple of years before this one but not it was published until nineteen ninety-six).

A raw album, with hundred percent reggae songs, an incredible speed and intensity, the sound is not the best but we should not forget that it was recorded more than thirty years ago, even though, when you listen to those reggae songs you can appreciate those walking bass lines with a dry and deep sound.

Bad Brains

Fifteen songs, just one record to spin, there are songs of any duration but evidently, the slower ones are the longest ones. A good record, but a little bit far from Mr Adam mentions on the sticker we can find on the record’s cover. This record is mandatory to understand what came after, but there are many other albums of that time that perhaps deserve that title, but what we can not question is the relevance it had.

Is it good? No, it’s very good. Is the best? No, It´s far away from that. It is not even the best one that Bad Brains have released. It seems,t we love to think that the first one is always the best, the most genuine, bullshit!

If you have followed all my reviews, next statement will be strange, but my favourite song is “Jah Calling” a total reggae and instrumental song.

A needed album to understand what came next and see what was happening at that time, a recommended album but I think it is quite overrated.